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Taylor Swift Is Going To Drop A Song Soon, Here’s The Evidence

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Taylor hasn’t released anything solo since October 27th, 2014 when she dropped her album “1989.” It’s about time for some new tracks. Here’s my evidence that she’s going to release something in the next few days.

August 18th, 2014 she dropped the single “Shake It Off” and exactly 3 years later on August 18th, 2017 this happened


That is a screenshot of her website The same day three years after shake it off came out she removed everything off of her website, her Facebook page, her Instagram, and her Twitter. Seems suspicious to me, but it doesn’t stop there.

Just today she finally posted something on Twitter.

That is a video that appears to be a snakes tail slithering around. Plus Joseph Kahn who directed a majority of her music videos for her 2014 singles retweeted it with a smiley face.

Either Taylor is going through some kind of breakdown or she’s hinting at something. My guess is the latter.

What do you think?



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