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Nearly 1,000 Rebuilds Underway One Year After First Building Permit Issued

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Nearly 1,000 Rebuilds Underway One Year After First Building Permit Issued

Construction in Wood Buffalo, Spring 2017 // Harvard Broadcasting Jaryn Vecchio

Exactly one year after the first building permit was issued, nearly 1,000 homes have started to be rebuilt.

The first permit was approved by the municipality on August 11, 2016, to a homeowner in Wood Buffalo.

Since then, according to the Recovery Task Force, 997 building permits have been issued.

Of the rebuilds that have started, 117 have had their final inspection – allowing families to move back to their properties.

Communications Manager of the Recovery Task Force Jordan Redshaw tells Mix News this isn’t a recovery milestone, it’s more of a personal one.

“Anytime someone moves into a home it’s a milestone for themselves, obviously it’s a big leap in every individual’s recovery and every single one is important to us.”

As of August 11, 2017, 30 have been rebuilt in Stone Creek, 26 in Wood Buffalo, 20 in Abasand, 19 in Beacon Hill, 13 in Waterways, with the other nine split between Thickwood, Timberlea, and Parsons Creek.

“A hundred to me is a great number but we have room to grow still, obviously, looking at the fact that we’re looking towards 2,579 units, that’s a lot of homes still.”

Redshaw notes for all the homes close to being rebuilt, it’s important you use the final occupancy checklist.

“It could save you a lot of challenges in the long run if you make sure all of those are done at the beginning of the process before you actually move in.”

He adds the checklist is a good tool to use with your contractor, doing a walk through – making sure everything is up to par, beforehand.

Meanwhile, homeowners are also being reminded to ask their contractors to display the home’s address.

Redshaw says this will help the municipality conduct their inspection while making life easier for crews if an emergency situation were to happen.

“What’s really important, in the event of an accident, EMS is able to locate that address really quickly.”

There are signs posted around each construction area, reminding homeowners, builders, and contractors.

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