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4 Crazy Sports From Across The World

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

1. Sporthocking (Extreme Sitting)

It’s a combination of parkour, skateboarding, and sitting. The goal is to do fancy tricks on your “sporthocker” and end up either balancing on it or landing in a sitting position.

2. KibasenĀ 

A Japanese sport that translates to “Calvary battle” three people hold up one person who is wearing a bandana. The last team that still has a bandana wins the game. It looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

3. Chessboxing

I don’t know how to explain this other than it’s chess, with boxing. The sport was created in Germany and it’s advertised as “the ultimate challenge for the body and mind” the idea being that the adrenaline from the boxing match will make chess more difficult and the distraction of planning your next chess move would make boxing harder. It’s basically just madness.

4. Toe Wrestling

Founded in the UK this sport (somehow) has its own professional league. You interlock toes and whoever can push the other persons foot into the boards on the side of the toe wrestling arena wins the match. Apparently, it was created by some patrons in a pub in the UK when they had plenty to drink. That seems like the only way someone could come up with this one.

Any crazy sports I missed? Let me know!




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