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5 Reasons Winter/Fall Are Better Than Summer

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I’m not a summer person. Sure, there are fun activities you can only do in the summer but to me, it’s just not worth all the other stuff you have to deal with.

Right now you are probably disagreeing with me with every fibre of your being. Just hear me out, by the end of this blog I bet I can convince you that summer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

1. Bugs

I have a huge fear of bugs so this is especially true for myself but even if you like bugs I guarantee that you don’t like seeing ants in your house because some food fell behind the counter without you noticing, or flies buzzing in your face, or mosquitos biting you and making you itchy, or wasps stinging you for no other reason than that they are evil. In the winter all those bugs are nowhere to be seen. It’s just nice and peaceful.

2. Heat Waves Are The Worst

We’ve had a heat warning for the past few days. Almost everyone I know has complained to me about the heat. It’s incredibly hard to go to sleep at night when you are sweltering. When it’s cold out you can add layers until you’re warm. When it’s hot out you only have 1 layer before you’re naked and if at that point you are still warm then there is nothing you can do.

3. Back To School

I don’t have kids but all my friends who do have said that once they’ve finished buying new clothes and school supplies, back to school is their favourite part of the year. After months of having to watch your kids finally someone else has to do it for you. You can just enjoy some TV while drinking wine without any smaller people interrupting.

4. Fall And Winter Have Way Better Holidays

Sure, summer has Canada day and a few long weekends but that is nowhere near as fun as Halloween, Christmas, Boxing Day, or New Years. It’s cold outside but that hardly matters when you’re partying with your friends dressed as a Pumpkin.

5. Sun Burns

I’m a ginger so I am basically at war with the sun. I can put on SPF 70 sun screen and I will still be as red as a lobster. People who aren’t pasty like me deal with sunburns too. It’s just part of the summer months. Going for a walk in the fall with a sweater on is way more rewarding than going for a sweltering walk in the summer and being in pain afterwards.

Sure summer can be fun but as far as I’m concerned, fall and winter are where it’s at. Let me know in the comments if you agree or berate me if you think I’m wrong. I want to know.


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