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4 Worst Shows Of All Time

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Rotten Tomatoes has become the premier source of movie and TV show reviews. A Rotten Tomatoes score can literally sink a movie before it’s even released. All the shows on this list were so bad that they got a scathing 0%

1. Charlie’s Angels

ABC tried their best to make this show work back in 2011 but no one watched it. It didn’t even manage to make it to its season finale before ABC pulled the plug.

2. Dads

Fox really wanted this one to work. They even got Seth Green to play one of the main characters but their ratings kept plummeting episode by episode. When they finally released the final episode there was a collective sigh of relief by the network and the viewers that the nightmare was finally over.

3. Saint George

This one is widely considered the lowest point in comedian George Lopez’s career. It made it through 1 season and FX had to kill it. It had a great cast but it’s writing was absolute garbage.

4. Hunters

Syfy is known for great shows. This was not one of them. It was all based on Whitney Schrieber’s novelĀ Alien Hunter. Syfy tried to give it some time to become good but eventually gave up. They moved its air time to midnight so it wouldn’t be in the way of the better evening programming. They ended up cancelling it before the season finale.


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