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Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday: Keep Watching, Mother!, Wonder

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Trailer-Watchin' Wednesday: Keep Watching, Mother!, Wonder

Wednesday has arrived again, and with it another trio of fresh film trailers to fill your lunch hour. And we’re on a journey from voyeur footage horror to a simultaneously soul nourishing and soul crushing family drama, with some Darren Aronofsky weirdness in the middle.

First up is Keep Watching. I get the clever wordplay for the subject matter, but I question the wisdom of naming a film after what you have to say to your friend who doesn’t want to finish it. Just keep watching, ok?


Next up is the movie that for some reason (that I’m sure just works) pairs Jennifer Lawrence with Javier Bardem. This is the strangely-anticipated Mother!.


And finally something a whole lot softer. But not so soft it can’t make you weep. (we’re predicting) This is Wonder.


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