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4 Things Millennials Are Actually Doing Right

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

It seems like every time I go on Facebook I see an article about how Millennials are ruining something. Articles call us entitled, selfish, lazy, and accuse us of killing every industry from diamonds to fabric softener. Here are some things we’re actually doing right.

1. Millennials Are More Educated Than Previous Generations

Turns out 27% of millennial women and 21% of men have a bachelors degree or above which is the highest percentage of educated people of any generation before. That’s on top of tuition fees being higher than ever before. Millennials want to be educated so badly that they are willing to take on life long crippling debt. Which is both really impressive and kind of depressing.

2. Millennials Are Killing The Diamond Industry

People keep saying that this is a bad thing but when you really look at the diamond industry it may be for the best.

3. Millennials Are Taking Fewer Vacations And Working More


This one is only a good thing from the perspective of employers. A new study shows that 24% of millennials reported forfeiting vacation days so they could keep working. That’s a higher percentage than any of the early generations.

4. Most Millennials Are Entrepreneurs (Or Are Trying To Be)

According to a study by Bentley Universit, 67% of millennials say that want to start their own businesses and work for themselves. This is because we were the first generation born into a world where technology was rapidly advancing all around us. We are the most technologically literate and therefore would rather put those skills to use ourselves than climb the corporate ladder. Despite the world being more expensive for people our age than ever before we are more optimistic too. 8/10 millennials are confident in their finances and have high hopes for the future.

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