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Game of Thrones Just Gave Us the Perfect GIF

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Game of Thrones Just Gave Us the Perfect GIF

SPOILERS… naturally.

Let us first mention how completely batsh!t crazy that entire episode was on Sunday. Holy. It was the shortest of the entire series, but it did not feel like it. And if that’s the trade off, I hope they get shorter and shorter as we go. (I don’t really feel that way, and it’s worth mentioning that almost every episode in the final season will be movie-length on top of all the epic.)

But what Game of Thrones did for us, and it deserves to be addressed, is it gave us the perfect gif for any time we’re upset about anything ever. From the slightest annoyance to the greatest infuriation, there’s Drogon going all kinds of dracarys on the Red Army and their pillaged gold. That Iron Bank smile will be fading pretty quick. In fact, they could use the gif to efficiently display their level of upset! The system works.



“You’re welcome.” ~HBO, probably


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