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Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday: COMIC CON EDITION

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Trailer-Watchin' Wednesday: COMIC CON EDITION

Sand Diego Comic Con came and went, and left a TON of trailers in its wake. There are collections of every single movie, tv show, and video game on display at the convention, but let’s focus in on the biggest and best.

Which makes it an interesting choice to begin with Justice League. Arguably the DC Cinematic Universe has left a lot to be desired, but the latest Justice League trailer gives me that sliver of hope that it might all play out into the long-game, and this might be the movie to turn it around. After all, Supes’ S means hope where he comes from. What do you think?


Next up is the freshest offering from Marvel Studios. While they showed a lot (including Netflix shows, ABC shows, and 4 upcoming movies with Infinity War amongst them) this was the only feature film footage to be officially released during the convention. Dive into Thor: Ragnarok.


And now for something completely different. If you’ve read the book, you know that this teaser for Ready Player One barely scratches the surface of all the crazy contained within.


BONUS!! Because this has to be one of the boldest and most satisfying trailers I’ve watched in a long time. That Thriller, tho. Here’s Stranger Things Season 2.


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