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Conservatives Unite: Wildrose and PC Vote To Merge Parties

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Conservatives Unite: Wildrose and PC Vote To Merge Parties

Brian Jean (left) and Jason Kenney (Right) // supplied by Wildrose Party

In a landslide, Alberta Wildrose and the Progressive Conservatives are now under one banner.

Members of both parties voted 95 percent in favour of ratifying the agreement to join forces and form a new United Conservative Party.

After the results, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean revealed he would be putting his name forward to run in the next provincial election.

Jean tells Mix News – if he is elected as the new premier, his first step will be balancing the budget.

“$90 Billion by 2020 is what we are going to owe as Albertans – which equals about $2,500 per family, per year – just to pay the interest payments. And that means we have to be much more fiscally prudent and we need to look at growing our economy through encouraging people to set up small and large businesses in Alberta.”

The two caucuses are expected to approach the speaker of the legislative assembly and ask to be recognized as members of the UCP.

Jean also revealed that in addition to his intention to run he will be resigning his post as leader of the Wildrose.

If elected, he says one of his main focuses would be Fort McMurray.

“It’s been my home for more than 50 years and I am very excited at the prospect that someone that actually understands Fort McMurray, is from Fort McMurray, loves Fort McMurray and Alberta could possibly be our next Premier and hopefully the people of Fort McMurray will come out and support me in that endeavor.”

At this point, Jean and Calgary lawyer Doug Schweitzer are the only candidates who have thrown their hat into the ring.

Wildrose and PC will meet Monday to discuss an interim leader of the new UCP.

Party members and delegates will select a new permanent leader on October 28.

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