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Five Medals for Fort McMurray Youth Competing at North American Indigenous Games

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Five Medals for Fort McMurray Youth Competing at North American Indigenous Games

Salima Thibault (left) and Alexandria Karamujic (right) // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

The RMWB is being well-represented at the North American Indigenous Games.

Indigenous youth from across Canada and certain parts of USA are in Toronto taking part in the games. This includes 14-year-old Salima Thibault and 12-year-old Alexandria Karamujic, both from Fort McMurray – competing in many swimming events for Team Alberta.

The two have already won 5 medals – two golds and three silvers.

Thibault won both golds, one in the 50 metre freestyle and the other in the 4×100 metre with her relay team.

Both swimmers have aspirations of one day taking part in the Olympics but even at their young ages, they’re thinking of using their talents to help further their educations.

“It’s definitely a huge opportunity for me, I liked to have a scholarship and if I can get into competitions as big as this one, it would help immensely,” added Thibault.

Though she is just starting high-school, Thibault says wants to take a chiropractor course in either Quebec or Ontario. However, if a chance at the Olympics comes her way – she said she would jump at the chance.

Later on Friday, Thibault will compete in her last two races – 100-metres backstroke and 200-metre butterfly.

“I can expect a silver and a gold.”

As for Karamujic, she was already won one silver. This was her first International medal, as she was one eight previous swimming just in Fort McMurray.

She says the whole experience has been amazing and overwhelming.

“It’s really cool to be on Team Alberta with people I’ve never met before – bonding with them, doing my favorite sport.

Just like Thibault, she’s hoping to further her education by swimming. The idea is to get a scholarship to the University of Alberta for physiotherapy.

“I really want to work with sports injuries and it seems like something I would be good at.”

Karamujic still has four more races, three of which she believes there is a really good chance to win a medal.

Meanwhile, Irwin Montgrand from Janvier is also competing in the games. He’s on Team Alberta’s Lacrosse team.

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