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Memorial Ride Remembers Lives Lost On Highway 63

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Memorial Ride Remembers Lives Lost On Highway 63

Annie Lelievre holding a flag filled with the names of people who died on Highway 63 // Jaryn Vecchio

Over 130 people who lost their lives on Highway 63 are being remembered through the 6th Annual Memorial Ride.

On Monday night, bikes, cars, and other vehicles drove down the road, bringing with them a giant flag filled with the names of those killed before the highway was twinned.

Annie Lelievre started the ride after losing her son in 2011.

She tells Mix News riding her bike, to her, was the best way to ease her pain.

“What I do is ride and I know not everybody else rides so that’s why I invited the public, anyone with cars – it doesn’t matter, just a way to remember the lost ones.”

After losing both her son and ex-husband on the road, Lelievre started a petition to get the twinning of the highway pushed forward, receiving over 60,000 signatures in support.

Last spring, construction officially finished after years of work.

She notes for the first time, in the ride’s young life, they didn’t have to write any new names on their flag.

“This is a real positive, 88,000 people got out during the fire and I didn’t have to add anybody, we’ve had a couple accidents but no fatalities.”

Lelievre believes all the deaths were preventable but adds, with the twinning now done, she doesn’t expect to add any more names anytime soon.

“What I actually want to do is put a memorial on the highway with all these names that I do have so people can actually stop and pay their respects and say thank you, sorry for the loss of your life but look what we gained.”

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