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Strange Laws In Canada

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
  1. Halifax, Nova Scotia: Taxi drivers are not allowed to wear T-shirts.
  2. Province-wide, Alberta: It is against the law to paint a wooden ladder.
  3. Nation-wide: It is illegal to pretend to practice witchcraft. Because apparently we still live in the 1800’s.

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  4.  In Oak Bay, BC you could be fined $100 if you parrot talks to loud
  5. In Alberta it’s illegal to set fire to the leg of a wooden-legged man. – The thing that gets me with this law, is that they don’t just make laws for the sake of it, so I want to know how many times that happen, like when was the point where they had to make that a law.
  6. If you don’t pay your hotel bill in Ontario, the hotel can legally sell your horse.
  7. In Toronto, it’s illegal for you swear at your mother in public
  8. You could be arrested if you drag a dead horse down Toronto’s Young Street on Sundays.
  9. It is illegal to remove a band aid in public in Canada
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  10. In Etobicoke, Ontario it’s illegal to have more than 3.5 inches of water in a bathtub.

  11. Don’t try getting all fancy on your bike in Ottawa because taking your feet of the pedals while riding is illegal.
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  12. Purple garage doors are against the law in Kanata, Ontario.

  13. If you don’t pay your hotel bill in Ontario, the hotel can legally sell your horse.

  14. It’s Illegal to whistle in Petrolia, Ontario. According to the towns website “Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or singing is prohibited at all times.”

  15. In Victoria, street entertainers aren’t allowed to give kids balloon animals.Putin GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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