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NLHF Receives $100K Donation Towards Minimally Invasive Surgical Suites

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
NLHF Receives $100K Donation Towards Minimally Invasive Surgical Suites

The Northern Lights Health Foundation is receiving $100,000 for its Gratitude Campaign.

The donation comes from Chinook Fuels Ltd. going towards the Minimally Invasive Surgical Suites project. Last month, the campaign also received $50,000 from Hammerstone Corporation with the proceeds, being hinted, going towards the project.

“Ever since the wildfire, we have found the community has really formed an even tighter bond and many people have really come forward to making our city greater than ever. This gift is our opportunity to do the same by making health care a top priority,” said Mark Macdonald, Owner of Chinook Fuels Ltd., in a release. “My family has lived here since 1982, my children were born in this hospital, I use it and my parents use it. In fact, we really consider this as an investment in our future. We truly believe Fort McMurray deserves to have a top-notch health care facility and we cannot wait to see the results.”

The MIS is the largest project in the Gratitude Campaign, costing around $7.6 million. The money would be used on upgrades for equipment and technology in four of the current operating rooms.

It will improve patient experiences by reducing surgery times, also spending less time under anesthesia.

The project is one of the last projects still looking for funds. So far, six of eight projects a part of the campaign have been fully funded.

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