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Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday – Death Note, Polaroid, Atomic Blonde, T2 3D

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Trailer-Watchin' Wednesday - Death Note, Polaroid, Atomic Blonde, T2 3D

It’s thrills o’clock this week, with a pile of new action-packed movie trailers for ya. Plus a bonus at the end. Here’s the round-up:

Up first is a feature film adaptation coming straight at you thanks to Netflix. It’s based on one of the best-selling (and rather dark & disturbed) manga’s of all time: Death Note.


Summer means seeing hokey horror movies on hot nights.¬†Fans of CW/Netflix’s Riverdale will recognize some Cheryl Blossom in this new movie that hinges on making instant vintage photography scary. This is Polaroid.


And there’s a new Atomic Blonde trailer so we’re including a new Atomic Blonde trailer. Because reasons.


BONUS! Terminator 2: Judgement Day is getting a 3D re-release and it has never looked better. That’s with that Stan Winston magic already working overtime like Jurassic Park. Take a look.




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