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“Queen of the Oil Patch”, New Reality Show Starring Fort McKay Resident

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
"Queen of the Oil Patch", New Reality Show Starring Fort McKay Resident

Iceis Rain, left, on the Gay Pride Float during Canada 150 - Photo Courtesy of Massey Whiteknife

A Fort McKay resident is the focus of a new reality show.

“Queen of the Oil Patch” will star Massey Whiteknife, an openly gay business owner, as he lives a double life.

“The show is about me and Iceis Rain basically changing our lives and lifestyle. Living my life as a woman.”

Whiteknife came out when he was just 18-years-old, around 20 years ago. He notes “it’s been an amazing journey.”

Included in the journey was a chance to have an entire episode of “Queer Places” dedicated to the two personalities.

“When they saw how crazy I lived, they were like wow this is a show,” added Whiteknife. “I live two lives, people want to know about me having split personalities.”

Whiteknife adds the episode of “Queer Places” was the catalyst behind the making of “Queen of the Oil Patch.”

The show was originally supposed to air last year but due to the wildfire and recent hardships for his business, they postponed the show. Whiteknife says production recently wrapped up and the producers are now editing the episodes.

The show will air next February in nine different cities, including some in Asia and Europe.

“I’m hoping that somebody will be able to look at it and say that was me and they changed their life for the better.”

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