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Rebuild Progressing, Over 70 Homes Fully Rebuilt

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Rebuild Progressing, Over 70 Homes Fully Rebuilt

Construction in Wood Buffalo, Spring 2017 // Harvard Broadcasting Reporter Jaryn Vecchio

The recovery and rebuild from the wildfire will take some time but Fort McMurray is making progress.

Contractors and residents who lost their homes to the wildfire have been required to apply for building and development permits in order to start rebuilding.

Operations Manager with the Recovery Task Force, Erin O’Neill tells Mix News as of June 16th, they’ve issued 818 building permits.

“So that’s been increasing exponentially every week and I’m happy to say that we’re at 72 final inspections so that means 72 people are back in their home.”

Of those 72 homes re-occupied, five are in Abasand, nine are in Beacon Hill and, 11 are in Waterways.

However, the majority of re-occupied homes are in Stone Creek. O’Neill notes of the hardest hit areas, Stone Creek could be the first area fully rebuilt.

“Now there’s some with just a couple hit so they will obviously be rebuilt, those one-offs, faster than Stone Creek but for our four hardest hit areas I do anticipate it will be Stone Creek that’s back fully rebuilt faster than the other areas.”

She adds 199 foundations have been inspected in the areas, over half of the 348 properties that were destroyed in the community.

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