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Warmer Than Normal Summer Expected

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Warmer Than Normal Summer Expected

If you’re hoping for a lot of beach days and patio weather this summer,¬†you may be in luck.

According to Environment Canda’s Senior Climatologist Dave Phillips, July, August, and September are going to be warmer than normal.

“But it’s also showing a fairly good confidence level that it will be that. Now, the thing is, this isn’t something you plan your outdoor wedding ceremony on or your outdoor family reunion picnic, this is about the personality, the character of the summer.”

Typically this time of year high’s should be around 22 degrees with lows around 9 degrees.

Phillips says it’s hard to predict precipitation, but looking at models its down a bit in northeastern Alberta, but not near record low levels.

As for spring, Philips says conditions in March and April were cooler, where the latter half was warmer than normal.

“You’ve had a couple days that have been above 30 or very close to it. I look at temperatures and I see wow people in the east would give their right arm for the kind of weather that you’ve had in May and June, which has certainly been warmer than normal,” says Phillips. “And precipitation has been, I would say, near normal maybe June has been much less than you normally would get, but not so little that it gets you in trouble.”

Summer officially arrives Tuesday at 10:24 p.m.

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