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Tuesdays Netflix Binge! “Oh, Hello! On Broadway”

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

This is the first Broadway play to be featured on the Netflix Binge. Oh, Hello follows the story of Gil Faizon played by Nick Kroll and George St. Geegland played by John Mulaney. They delusional geriatrics in their 70’s just trying to make it in the world.


This play is a play within a play. The overarching play is Gil and George and their relationship with one another as well as their stage tech Ravi. They yell at each other, mess with each other and constantly break the fourth wall. The inner play features characters of the same name Gil a struggling actor and George a struggling writer trying to find their way in the Upper West side of Manhatten. They struggle to make ends meet when their previously rent-controlled 5 bedroom apartment they’ve been spending $75 a month on for 40 years has the rent bumped up to $2500. All seems lost until they start their public access TV show called “Too Much Tuna.”

Oh, Hello is a very unique play and on the surface seems like a very niche concept but upon watching it quickly becomes clear that this is a performance anyone can enjoy. watching the imaginary antics of Gil and George is enough to make anyone tear up from laughter.
I rate Oh, Hello a 9.4/10.

Here’s the trailer

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