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5 Celebs Who Should Never Give Life Advice

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1. Snooki


If you need help finding a good facial moisturizer you definitely don’t want to ask Snooki for help. She wrote in her book “You get clean kitty litter, mix it with hot water, apply it for 10 minutes, and your face will be as smooth as a baby’s butt.”

2. Adam Levine


Adam tried to give us dating advice and forgot that not everyone has been voted Sexiest Man Alive and can get away with doing weird stuff. His advice was to dress fancy but bring your date to Mcdonalds stating that “Her world will be so rocked.” I guarantee if you this will not work if you aren’t Adam Levine.

3. Jean Claude Van Damme 


You would think that a man like Van Damme would have good Fitness advice but it turns out it’s best not to listen to him. He recommends 1 meal a week with horse or falcon meat. Especially if you can get their eyes or hearts. You’re probably good with beef and chicken.

4. Alicia Silverstone


Eating fruits and veggies is unarguably good for you but according to Silverstone, it’s all you need to never get sick. She claims a plant diet can fight off any disease because “kind foods” can serve as protectors for your body. She also claims that they can increase fertility. If I were you I’d listen to a medical professional before Alicia Silverstone and take your meds.

5. Taylor Swift


This woman is notorious for having trouble sustaining relationships and there’s a chance her dating advice gives us a hint why. Her advice for a successful relationship is ” You don’t respond to any of his texts or calls until he does something desperate like shows up. Or he calls and leaves a voicemail. Something that makes it very clear to you that he’s interested.” Playing hard-to-get is one thing but that is absurd. This is bad advice for everyone. If you don’t make an equal effort you can’t cultivate a relationship. On the other side of the advice  DO NOT show up at a woman’s house unannounced because she’s ignoring you. That’s SUPER creepy.

Any Celebs you know of that give garbage advice? Let me know in the comments.



This blog was inspired by an article from Proof That Celebrities Should Never Give Life Tips

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