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Oilsands Advisory Group Releasing New Advice on Reducing Emissions

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Oilsands Advisory Group Releasing New Advice on Reducing Emissions

The Oilsands Advisory Group has reached a consensus on its first phase of work that looked at carbon emissions.

On Friday, the group released the report aimed at preparing the Government of Alberta with the growing oil sands production and new emissions cap of 100 megatonnes.

The group, which was formed last year, is comprised of members from industry, environment groups, and affected communities.

OSAG is recommending new facilities and expansions use the best available technology economically achievable, preparation of a new technology roadmap and costs of abatement technologies by innovation entities, submission of non-binding greenhouse gas management plans to assist with public accountability and transparency, and changes to resource recovery requirements.

They are also advising the government establish systems to help trigger reviews while transitioning to more stringent actions if emissions approach their limit.  Right now, it’s being forecasted that emissions will, 100 megatonne limit in roughly five years.

If any facility goes past their limit, they could face fines of $200 for each tonne.

The advisory group is now working on their second phase, which will advise the province on investment areas that will yield the largest emission reduction as oilsands production grows.

That work is expected to be completed by the end of June.

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