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E3 2017 – Top Trailers (so far)

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
E3 2017 - Top Trailers (so far)

E3 is still underway in Los Angeles, with Nintendo’s big presentation and a few other announcements still to come. There have already been some huge announcements for gamers, though. Including the newly-unveiled XBOX ONE X (X.B.O.X.? clever..) premium console. But it’s all about the games, and these are the new game trailers that really caught my eye this year. In no particular order, save for the very first one. The Last Night is by far the most out-there and unique looking game of the conference. I’d say it’s like Blade Runner meets John Wick in an oddly 8-bit world. Take a look, and enjoy all the other mind-blasting game trailers.








Did I miss any trailers or game announcements that blew your socks off?


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