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Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday: Baby Driver, American Made, Professor M

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Trailer-Watchin' Wednesday: Baby Driver, American Made, Professor M

We’re blowing everything out of the water with the first entry this week: Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver. High speed thrill ride crime with a killer soundtrack built into the plot and delivered like no one else can. Take a peek.


Up next is a first look at the next Tom Cruise flick (after The Mummy). It’s American Made, where a pilot gets recruited to do all kinds of bad stuff for the ‘good guys’. Standard fare, but it looks worth the ticket price.


And lastly we have more of a true teaser than a trailer, but with all of the mad hype for the Wonder Woman movie, why not learn about where WW even came from. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is a biopic about the man who first drew up the idea of Diana Prince and the women in his life who inspired her.


Which one tops the list for you this week?


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