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Tuesdays Netflix Binge! “IZombie”

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

This is a take on the Zombie genre unlike anything I have ever seen. It follows Dr Olivia Moore. She was on her way to a prestigious residency at a hospital, she was getting ready to marry the love of her life until one night she went to a party. At this party, people were taking an experimental drug that turned everyone who took it into rapid zombies. They murdered everyone on board and set the boat on fire. Olivia wakes up the next day in a body bag.


It turns out one of the zombies had scratched her and when she drowned she became a type of zombie that has retained her intelligence but still needs to eat brains to survive. Olivia starts working in a morgue to give her easy access to brains and to keep her away from the public. She even breaks off her engagement so she doesn’t turn the man she loves into a zombie.


After her transformation, she learns that whenever she eats a person’s brain she gains a part of them. She can speak their languages, she can remember the events they went through and even feel their emotions. When she uses this insight to help a┬ádetective with his case she decides to pretend she’s psychic so she can help solve murders.

I rate this show 8.9/10. It’s creative, fun, and the characters are really engaging. I would highly recommend you check it out!

Here’s the trailer.

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