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Girls Inc. Names 12th Women Of Inspiration Nominee

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Girls Inc. Names 12th Women Of Inspiration Nominee

Photo Courtesy: Girls Inc. Northern Alberta

Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta has named their 12th nominee for the Woman of Inspiration series.

Doctor Mary Gerosa is the latest among the Women of Inspiration after her hard work and dedication to the community.

Gerosa was born in Toronto and moved to Fort McMurray 25 years ago, after receiving her education in dentistry at McGill University in Montreal.

She tells Mix News if it weren’t for coming to Fort McMurray – she likely wouldn’t have her own dental practice.

“I was actually able to build and open my own practice, which if I lived in the city I don’t think I would have been able to do that back in Montreal. Here, I was able to do it and complete it. So, professionally it was very good for me.”

Gerosa is a dentist by day but an artist as a hobby.

She encourages creative expression in youths because she believes it’s a way for people to succeed and make them feel accomplished.

She credits that love of art for helping balance her career and family.

“Art to me is therapy,” Gerosa said. “It’s very soothing, I love to create and I always change my modality, whether I’m quilting or knitting or painting – it’s just a release of creativity and I think everyone is creative in some way.”

Aside from her career – Gerosa is a strong community advocate who volunteers her time and has made a home here for her and her family.

Her roles in the community include vice president of the county fair, president of the cheerleading society and volunteering for the local chess club.

She’s also volunteered for Brownies for many years and teaches Sunday school at St. Thomas Anglican Church.

Gerosa moved to Fort McMurray after a newspaper ad convinced her to pursue her career in dentistry.

“I was working as a dentist in Montreal and I guess I was looking for adventure. I found an ad to come to Fort McMurray. Didn’t know where it was – I had to look it up on a map and I went for it. Now I’ve been here for 25 years and it’s home and I love it.”

Gerosa and the 11 other nominees will be honoured at the Unifor building during the Women of Inspiration Celebration on Saturday from 12-3 p.m.

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