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Artists Help Heal And Rebuild Through Art From The Heart

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Artists Help Heal And Rebuild Through Art From The Heart

Artwork by: Penny Lamnek

A group of artists are hoping some original artwork donated to the people of Fort McMurray and Anzac will light up some homes.

Art from the Heart is a collection of artists who are giving away some of their original pieces in hopes they can aid in the healing and rebuild.

Penny Lamnek is an artist from Boyle, who was witness to thousands of evacuating vehicles along highway 63 during the wildfire.

As Project Manager for Art from the Heart – she tells Mix News they wanted to lend their support in any way for those who were displaced.

“We feel very strongly that art is a healing thing, that art does promote healing and feelings of wellness. We feel this is something we’d like to do. The musicians did their part with benefit concerts and we as artists feel it’s time we did our part.”

The project originated in Slave Lake following the wildfires in that area – and looks to see willing residents hang original pieces in their homes.

Art from the Heart got permission from the original project organizers so that they could keep the initiative going for people here.

Lamnek talks about how all those cars flee during the evacuation inspired her to get involved.

“I saw all these cars driving down Highway 63 and it’s one thing to see it on television but to see all those cars – it hit me pretty strong. I wondered if anyone was going to do this sort of project for them and then I realized it was me.”

She adds that they wanted to use their own creative expression to help families out.

“We know that they suffered a terrible trauma. A lot of people still aren’t back in their homes and we just wanted to make a difference. It’s just people helping people. Our specialty is art and that’s what we’re using to try and help and offer our support.”

To find out more information on how to acquire original artwork – head to the


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