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Gratitude Attitude Campaign Launches Final Video

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

For the one year anniversary of the Horse River Wildfire, over 400 people created a personal thank-you to the unsung heroes.

The Gratitude Attitude Campaign gave residents a chance to express how grateful they are to those who lent a hand in May of 2016.

Residents showed support by posting a 10-20 second thank you video on the Gratitude Attitude Facebook Page – which were combined to make one final project.

Valerie O’Leary lead the campaign and tells Mix News the final video will stir up some heartfelt emotions from people.

“Just remembering the love that we received,” O’Leary said. “I think it will bring an array of different emotions but they’re good emotions. It’s like – ‘yeah, I remember how the love came our way,’ and we’re holding onto that because it was so powerful and so strong.”

The wildfire devastated the community and led to the largest evacuation in Alberta’s history and the community of Wood Buffalo came together to show its perseverance, resilience and gratitude.

Campaign lead Valerie O’Leary tells Mix News it means a lot to see this video come into fruition.

“There’s still devastation and people are still suffering but we’re also celebrating that humanitarian part that most people will never experience in their life and for that I am grateful.”

O’Leary also gave thanks to the many unsung heroes.

“Because if it weren’t for those people or those companies, who came in the middle of the night or over the past year– who donated money or items, we wouldn’t have had the strength to get through this. While our community is still in recovery, this is an opportunity to change the focus from the devastation we have experienced to that feeling of “awe” and an overwhelming feeling for the attitude of gratitude.”


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