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4 Super Heroines Who Deserve Their Own Movies

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Wonder Woman was incredible so what other Super Heroines should get movies.

1. Scarlet Witch


This one is plausible as she is already being played by Elizabeth Olsen in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. I would love this movie and it would give Olsen a chance to show off her range as a leading actress. Plus Scarlet Witch is awesome.

2. Raven


She is half human and half demon and all cool. She is one of my favourite Super Heroines and I could absolutely see her in a gritty and dark movie where her black magic would be able to be as brutal as it deserves to be. I’m imaging a fight at the end versus her father Trigon.

3. X-23


X-23 is the little girl in the recent Logan movie. She is an exact genetic clone of Wolverine and has all of his powers. The story could be based on her leading the new mutants in the future. I could see someone like Stephanie Sigman playing her. They would have to keep the brutal and edgy feel of Logan and it would absolutely have to be rated R.

4. All New Marvel: Thor


In recent comics, Mjolnir is wielded by Thor’s former lover Jane Foster. The power is too much for her human body to handle and is tearing her apart. The movie could have her fighting an ultimate evil while also battling her own body failing her. It could add a lot of really interesting dimensions to the story.

Any others you think I missed? Let me know in the comments!


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