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Wood Buffalo Regional Inclusive Committee Seeks To Make RMWB More Accessible

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Wood Buffalo Regional Inclusive Committee Seeks To Make RMWB More Accessible

The Wood Buffalo Regional Inclusive Committee is trying to create a barrier-free-YMM.

A meeting was held today at the Red Poll Centre to allow those dealing with disabilities to voice their opinion on accessibility issues plaguing the RMWB.

The committee wants to hear from people of all disabilities so they can understand all the individual obstacles people face in the community.

Regional Program Coordinator with Spinal Cord Injury Alberta Stephanie Myrick tells Mix News there’s a focus on improving infrastructure and social opportunities.

“Ramps in the community and simple things like having buttons on doors that are actually working or turned on – those can all be issues,” said Myrick. “The other side of it is the social aspect and trying to get people out to participate in events or activities.”

Myrick says she would like to see more resources for people living with disabilities in the RMWB.

“More emphasis put on access to buildings but also maybe taking some interest in getting some programs or services opened up for people with disabilities or parents with children living with disabilities so that these people can get out and enjoy those social aspects of our community.”

She adds that she hopes to continue working in promoting inclusion for people with disabilities to help create a truly inclusive Fort Mac.

Myrick says even parking can be an obstacle.

“They may have the handicapped parking there and everything but the ramp is all the way on the other side and the person in the wheelchair, with the mobility issue, would have to go into traffic just to get up the ramp.”

From May 28 to June 3 it’s National AccessAbility Week.

Wood Buffalo Regional Inclusive Committee is still looking for input to promote accessibility in the community to create an inclusive, barrier-free Fort Mac.

Myrick hopes that an open dialogue will get people talking about what needs to change.

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