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People Who Are Always Late Live Longer!

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People Who Are Always Late Live Longer!

I like to think I have a pretty good balance in my life, I am always at least 10 min early when it comes to my professional life, like meetings, appointments, interviews or for work, which is great, but I lack that in my personal life. I am always at least 10-15 mins late to things, (besides movies of course) which I don’t know why! But it turns out that I could live a happier and longer life because of that!

Diana Delonzor wrote a book that specifically states, that people who are constantly late tend to be optimistic. The Metropolitan Life did a study and the results were great for someone like me. Those who are optimistic perform 88% better at work. Also, they tend to be more high energy and enthusiastic about work.

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People who are always late are more successful and live longer, says science

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