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Wildrose and PC Parties Reveal Plans To Merge, Create United Conservative Party

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Wildrose and PC Parties Reveal Plans To Merge, Create United Conservative Party

Brian Jean (left) and Jason Kenney (Right) // supplied by Wildrose Party

The Alberta Wildrose and PC’s are getting closer to merging into one political party.

On Thursday, Wildrose Leader, Brian Jean, and PC Leader, Jason Kenney, signed an agreement in principle that establishes the process to unify both parties into the United Conservative Party

This merger has been discussed ever since Kenney threw his name in the leadership ballot for the PCs. Throughout his campaign, he continued to highlight the need to unite so they could overtake the NDPs at the next provincial election.

“If this agreement is ratified, it’s not the end of a proud legacy but instead it is a fresh start and a new beginning,” said Kenney.

This decision will be made by members of each party. A vote will take place on July 22.

If supported, the party would immediately look to elect a new leader. If denied, the two parties are also prepared to roll out Plan B which is likely a non-competition agreement.

Jean notes both him and Kenney will run for the leadership if approved.

“I’m excited to see other people join our race, I certainly invite all Albertans to participate in this, it would be great to see a lot of members in our parties supporting the act,” added Jean.

If in power, Jean and Kenney highlighted different needs the party would need to address including cutting the NDPs carbon tax, taxing the taxes while restarting the province’s economy.

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