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Mileys new sound!

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Mileys new sound!

Miley Cyrus, I have never been her number fan, I loved her show growing up, and that was the extend of it. Her new song, Malibu (find below) sounds a lot different then her last album, and she has a completely different look.

I didn’t like the “We Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” phase that she went through, I couldn’t relate, nor did I fully agree with the choices she made, but I get it, she had the Hannah Montana imagine that she was trying to get rid, so dying her hair blonde, cutting short and acting completely different the character made sense, Do I agree with some things she did, no, but I think the phase was good for you, she needed to find an imagine outside of Hannah, went a little crazy but now I think she found a sound that combines the two that really does suit her.

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