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LISTEN: Halifax Nurse Makes Blankets Made From Scrubs For Fort McMurray Nurses

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
LISTEN: Halifax Nurse Makes Blankets Made From Scrubs For Fort McMurray Nurses

Halifax nurse Marjorie Neill created 60 quilts from scrubs donated by Nova Scotia nurses for nurses in Fort McMurray // Jaryn Vecchio Harvard Broadcasting

A Halifax nurse has created 60 quilts made from scrubs for nurses here in Fort McMurray.

Marjorie Neill, organizer of the ComFORT Quilt Project, wanted to help out after seeing the images from the wildfires and thinking about what the hospital staff were going through.

“I’ve been a nurse for 30 years, so when I was watching the wildfires last year, I was just beside myself wondering how those nurses were going to get those patients out of the hospital and what the whole evacuation process would be. Kind of walking their shoes. So, I thought I would love to do something for them with the concept of the sisterhood of nurses,” Neill told Mix News.

Neill decided to make blankets from scrubs donated by nurses in Nova Scotia, after making two blankets for her friends in Ontario who were having surgeries and going through chemo.

“So I thought, why don’t I do this but now do it with donated uniforms from girls across all the hospitals here and then we’ll all be challenging our good vibes out to the girls out west and we’ll see what happens.”quilts2

Through mostly donated items, Neill was able to make 60 quilts, which are being drawn off at a Nurses Week Appreciation Event Friday afternoon, put on by the Northern Lights Regional Health Foundation.

Neill says she hopes to make 40 more blankets by the end of the year.

“It’s just something I wanted to do. I may not have had a ton of money to send to the Red Cross, but this is something I could do.”

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