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4 Superpowers You Totally Have Already

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Every kid at one point wishes they have super powers. I always wished for super strength when I was little but it turns out that’s a power we all have. Our bodies are much better at surviving than our brains and when we need them we can do some pretty crazy stuff.

1. Super Strength

Now I’m not saying you can move mountains but you can definitely lift cars. It’s called hysterical strength. It only happens when either you or someone you love is in serious danger. Our muscles flood with adrenaline and noradrenaline making us crazy strong. Some reports show mothers lifting cars to save their babies and in 2006 a Canadian woman fought a polar bear to save her children. If a fist fight with a polar bear isn’t a comic book plot I don’t know what is.

2. Stopping Bullets

One of the most iconic Superman scenes is him getting shot in the eye and having the bullet bounce off. You can’t do that, but you can stop bullets with fat! If you have a thick enough layer of fat on your body bullets can be stopped before they reach any critical organs. That said you would need 72cm of fat so it’s not exactly a healthy power.

3. Immunity To Pain

If you’re fighting off a mugger and you get stabbed, reeling around on the ground in pain isn’t going to help you survive. Luckily our bodies have a built-in mechanism to stop us from feeling pain (when it’s necessary anyway.) They are called endorphins. It’s a hormone that is produced when you exercise, have sex, or are severely injured in a dangerous situation. Those are all very different but for the first two endorphins activate pleasure centres in the brain, for the last one it makes your brain think nothing is wrong so you don’t die.

4. Super Healing

Unless you are a pregnant woman this isn’t a power you can use but if you are then I have some great news for you. Scientists have done studies that now show when a pregnant woman is injured; the fetus in the womb pumps stem cells into the body to help heal the mother as fast as possible. We evolved this neat ability because pregnancy is the most vulnerable time for humans so if we wanted to survive we needed a way to defend ourselves against nature during pregnancy. It’s not as good as wolverine but it’s still pretty excellent.

What superpower would you love to have? Let me know below!


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