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Report: Social Sector Continuing to Experience Staffing and Funding Issues

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Report: Social Sector Continuing to Experience Staffing and Funding Issues

FuseSocial chief social entrepreneur Bonnah Carey presents the findings of its third of five surveys looking at how social profits are recovering after the wildfire.

A new survey shows more than half of the social profits in the community are experiencing staffing issues.

On Thursday, FuseSocial released its third of five surveys which looks at the sector’s ability to recovery from last year’s wildfire. Of the 70 organizations surveyed, around 54 per cent said they have employment vacancies.

The two biggest reasons being, the lack of staff returning after the wildfire and health issues.

Chief Social Entrepreneur with FuseSocial Bonnah Carey tells Mix News nearly half of the organizations are having a tough time finding qualified workers to fill these vacancies.

“As a sector, we don’t generally attract those qualified people to come and work in the social profit. We depend on the spouse often, who’s coming here to work in industry or business and we benefit from very qualified wives and husbands because of those other jobs.”

The survey suggests the lack of staff is also leading to barriers in funding. 36 per cent say they don’t have the capacity to complete certain applications while another 31 per cent note they’re not eligible for certain funds.

Carey says the Canadian Red Cross provided a $10,000 grant for social profits, however, only 25 per cent were eligible.

“Not everyone received the full $10,000. So, it was a big help but it didn’t have the impact that the agencies really could have benefitted from.”

Wait times for the funds was also highlighted amongst the surveys. Around 38 per cent of organizations say they’ve had to wait between seven and nine months to receive funding.

Down the road, the survey suggests the biggest needs will be financial, volunteer, and human resources.

The results of the next survey are expected to be released in late July, early August.

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