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Rooftop Campout Raises Around $47,000 For Local Charities

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Rooftop Campout Raises Around $47,000 For Local Charities

Firefighters taking part in the 2017 rooftop campout

Five Firefighters are on the ground after 100 hours of camping rooftop.

The Sixth Annual Rooftop Campout took place last week at the Tim Hortons in Eagle Ridge where firefighters were forced to brave the cold for charity.

The campout broke its goal of $40,000 with roughly $47,000 raised after four days.

All the money raised is going to five charities including the Fort McMurray S.P.C.A., Centre of Hope, Waypoints, Boys and Girls Club and the Wood Buffalo Food Bank.

Charity Committee Chair for the Fort McMurray Fire Department – Scott Germain Mix News this year’s campout was their most successful ever.

“We weren’t really sure how our fundraiser would go in comparison to what we’ll call ‘normal years’, so this year we weren’t really sure what we’d do but with the community support we had – as I mentioned we had tons of kids and families and with all their help we were able to raise the $46,000.”

The $46,000 broke the previous mark for most donations by just under $1000.

The last campout, which was back in 2015, raised around $45,000 which included a $15,000 donation coming on the final night.

Germain points out that the $15,000 donation somewhat inflated their grand total from 2015 and feels this year was more demonstrative of the community’s overall support.

“We’ve had an overwhelming flood of support from the community members who just wanted to thank us, ask us questions or just tell us we’re doing a good job,” Germain said. “From the guys up on the roof – they definitely enjoyed it and they felt very amazed just to be up there.”

Germain talks about what it’s like for those firefighters to finally hit the ground after 100 hours.

“I’ve personally done it before and I can tell you that the first step on even and level ground definitely takes you through the loop. But just being on the ground, those guys were able to go home and shower and kind of just refresh themselves and it’s huge.”

Germain says he hopes to see the success continue for next year’s campout – and beyond.

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