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GeekSpeak Wants You To Geek Out!

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
GeekSpeak Wants You To Geek Out!

Geeks Unite!

A geek-inspired event has made its way to Fort McMurray and is looking for likeminded people to join in on the conversation.

GeekSpeak explores all things geeky in a Ted-X style speaking series – mixed with a little bit of Comic-Con.

GeekSpeak Volunteer Jennifer Kennett says they wanted to have an event just for the geeks.

“There’s nothing really for the geeks out there,” she said. “The idea was to create something local – a fun and interactive way to learn with people of similar interests.”

The motto for GeekSpeak ‘Hobbies, heroes, ones and zeroes’ – which emphasizes the subject matter they enjoy discussing.

Kennett says they wanted to have a platform for geeks to unite.

“It’s not just videogames, or superheroes or comic books – it’s kind of a focus on science, technology, engineering but also tossing in those little pieces of superheroes and videogames as well.”:

With a big sports and arts scene in the RMWB – the geeks wanted a platform where they could be represented.

GeekSpeak volunteer Jennifer Kennett tells Mix News that anyone with an idea can be a speaker.

“Anything you are passionate about, we want to hear it,” Kennett added. “Being a geek now isn’t related to one stereotype, it’s anything out there. So, if you have something you’re passionate about, come on out and do a talk about it – you might find someone with similar interests.”

Space is limited at the Ted-x inspired event – which takes place on Friday at the McMurray Experience from 7 to 9 pm.

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