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Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday: King Arthur, The Mummy, Atomic Blonde, and THOR!

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Trailer-Watchin' Wednesday: King Arthur, The Mummy, Atomic Blonde, and THOR!

We’re back into another edition of Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday – because even on short work weeks, it’s important to take some ‘you’ time. Kick those feet up, and enjoy these FOUR new trailers. (we know you’ve already watched the Thor one, but it’s so great we just can’t keep it on the sidelines)

We start with the latest look at Universal’s movie-monster extended universe foundation: The Mummy.


Jumping to the fresh trailer for Atomic Blonde – which also doubles as a music video for a a Kanye West/Depeche Mode mash up that is just killer.


I recently saw this next trailer in theatres, and was first blown away by this new take on the excalibur/Arthur story. But it had a sense of style that was extremely familiar. That’s when I saw it comes from Guy Richie. Of course. This is King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.


And for good measure, let’s just freak out over this awesome Thor: Ragnarok trailer again. Taika Waititi is a gift to the world.


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