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Tuesday’s Netflix Binge! “Supergirl”

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

I was nervous about everything DC putting out being terrible but this show gives me hope. Supergirl follows Kara Danvers, the cousin of Superman who was sent to Earth shortly after him to be his protector. He was an infant at the time and she was 13. When their home planet exploded it threw her ship off course and into a place called “The Phantom Zone” where time has no meaning. When she finally escapes many years had passed and Superman was an adult while she hadn’t aged a day.
She is raised the same way Superman was with a loving family and eventually becomes the assistant of a well-known journalistic mogul named Cat Grant.

When Kara’s adopted sister is put in danger when the engine of the plane she was on explodes Kara comes into her own as Supergirl and fights criminals, powerful aliens, and even other Kryptonians. The main central plot is her making a name for herself as her own hero instead of being in the shadow of her cousin; as well as learning how to use and control her powers. Slowly but surely throughout the run of the show, Kara becomes more of a hero than Superman could ever be.


I absolutely love this show so far because it’s the first DC superhero that isn’t trying to be edgy. Somewhere along the lines, DC forgot that superheroes are inherently ridiculous; so they make all of their characters dark and gritty. Supergirl is fun, quirky and has the right amount of awkward to make it incredibly enjoyable to watch. I rate it 9.8/10.

Here’s the trailer!


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