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5 Weirdest Conspiracy Theories

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It’s healthy to have scepticism but it gets a little unhealthy when it gets to “My own government is filling the air with poison for no reason!”. Here are the top 5 most ridiculous conspiracy theories.

1. Chemtrails

This is one you may have heard of. The theory goes that those streaks of white coming out the back of planes are actually dangerous toxins that the government is trying to sneakily get us to breathe in.

.... so sneaky

…. so sneaky

The “reason” the government would do this is to make more people have to buy over priced medicine so that “big pharma” can make billions. The theory sounds good until you realize that planes fly over Canada, Norway, and Germany too. All countries with universal health care.

2. The Moon Isn’t Real

Yup… this is a thing real people actually believe. They believe that the giant space rock in the sky is actually a hologram.

Apparently humans have had holograms for a couple thousand years... neat

Apparently, humans have had holograms for a couple thousand years… neat

I’m sure you’re wondering “but… why” well the theory is that the hologram would be covering something that would terrify the world. They don’t know what it would be, but they know that it’s there!

3. Beyonce Is Part of The Illuminati

The Illuminati is definitely something you have heard of. It started as a group trying to preserve science back a couple hundred years ago and has regained popularity with conspiracy nuts in the past few years. The reason people think Queen B is part of the Illuminati is because she does this sometimes.

... that's it... that's 100% of the evidence

Now you know, make a triangle with your hands and everyone will think you secretly rule the world…

It may seem like a stretch but the “ace in the hole” is what she named her baby; this might be the most ridiculous part of the whole theory. Her name is Blue Ivy which supposedly breaks down to

B – Born

L – Living

U – Under

E – Evil

I – Illuminati’s

V – Very

Y – Youngest

If you think that any of this is good evidence. Go take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror.

4. Pyramids… Just Everything About Them

I could make a whole list just about the theories behind the pyramids. People believe Dinosaurs helped build them, the Illuminati, Aliens, they even believe that the ancient Egyptians used modern machinery because they used time travel.

Impressive? Yes! Alien? No.

Impressive? Yes! Alien? No…

The theories come from a few main points of confusion. Let’s break them down one by one.

Q- How?

A- Slave labour

Q- Why

A- Religious reasons or for artistic reasons

Q- Why do lots of civilizations have them? Like the Romans!

A- A Pyramid is a convenient way to stack rocks.

and now you know.

5. Obama’s Weather Machine

Obama has a secret weather machine that he used to create natural disasters every time he screwed up as President. Kinda like Storm from The X-Men but… Obama.

I would vote for Storm in a heartbeat.

I would vote for Storm in a heartbeat.

When he was under some heat for the IRS Scandal apparently he used his crazy weather powers to cause Tornadoes in Oklahoma so everyone would start focusing on that. According to he has used this power many times throughout his 2 terms and caused everything from sink holes to tsunamis.

I don’t know about you but if there was a politician who could control the weather I would definitely be supporting them.


What are some of the craziest theories you’ve ever heard? Let me know in the comments!


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