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Recovery Committee Discusses Invoices for Demolitions, Noise Bylaw and Landfills

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Recovery Committee Discusses Invoices for Demolitions, Noise Bylaw and Landfills

The Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee is sending three motions to council.

A long discussion took place at their meeting Wednesday night over whether or not the municipality needs to keep sending “acceptable contaminated soil” to the landfill. The soil is being thrown out like “waste” with some members of the committee believing we’re shortening the life of the landfills.

Operations Manager with the Recovery Task Force Erin O’Neill tells Mix News the soil can still be reused.

“We would like to repurpose that for future municipal projects.”

This includes road construction, berms and backfills properties.

O’Neill notes the landfill is getting little activity right now due to the cost. They are starting to see soil being dumped in various locations or kept on properties.

The Task Force is looking into areas where they can stockpile the soil instead of tossing it in the landfill.

The committee also approved a motion to send all property owners, who the municipality paid for the demolitions, invoices. As of October 1, 88 damaged properties were demoed costing the municipality $2,206,533.

“As we see a number of properties being sold, we don’t want to put that cost onto a new owner of that property or the municipality lose the ability to cover those costs,” said O’Neill.

Ninety-three properties could also be getting invoices after the municipality put fencing around their properties for safety purposes. In 2016, these fences cost the municipality $11,670 and another $16,399 in 2017.

The last motion being sent to council is the cancellation of the amended noise bylaw. It was established back in July 2016 to allow demolition and municipal project to continue overnight.

O’Neill says they haven’t received the same demand for the rebuild season.

“Based on our conversations with the Construction Association there isn’t the need for the 24-hour work for construction projects so we’re moving forward on the normal noise bylaw periods.”

Crews can work from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. on Sunday and holidays.

Council will get the final say in all three motions.

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