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Borealis Offering Grief Support Program

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Borealis Offering Grief Support Program

Grief is always unique and nobody’s reaction to the loss of a loved one is ever the same.

Without proper support navigating the harsh seas of grief can be overwhelming. To help with this Borealis Counselling is running six-week session to teach mindfulness for people dealing with the grief or loss of a loved one.

Executive Director Cathy Underhill tells Mix News the goal of the support group is to keep people moving forward with their lives.

“It provides people the support they need to move forward in the grief process,” Underhill said. “Sometimes, people find themselves getting a bit stuck or they’re not sure if what they’re experiencing falls in the realm of what we could ‘normal grief’.”

Underhill, who also works as a counselor at Borealis, feels that with the help of mindfulness you can help alleviate difficult emotional struggles.

She points out the many ways people can be affected by grief.

“Kind of feels like three steps forward, two steps back. There’s a lot of difficult emotions – there’s anger, a lot of sadness of course. So, just helping people move forward and allowing them to realize what they’re experiencing is normal.”

Underhill says the Mindfulness for Grief or Loss Support Group is a positive way to increase your compassion towards yourself as well as others.

“It’s a skill that involves using your breath to help you stay connected to the moment, to stay connected to whatever is happening in the moment and it enables you to become more self-aware.”

Borealis will be offering an open house on May 3rd to allow the public a chance to see what support programs they have to offer.

More information on upcoming sessions can be found at

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