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WBRC To Get Update On Wildfire Recovery Plan, Discuss Demolition & Landfill Disposal Costs

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WBRC To Get Update On Wildfire Recovery Plan, Discuss Demolition & Landfill Disposal Costs

The Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee will meet this week to discuss a number upcoming projects.

WBRC will recommend that the municipality issue invoices to registered property owners for the costs of demolition and protective fencing because of the wildfire.

The cost of demolition will be added to the tax roll for the properties with the intent that costs be removed from the tax roll when invoices are paid.

WBRC is also recommending that the Landfill Disposal Rate be waived for all residential properties within wildfire damaged areas until December 31st of 2018.

The committee is proposing that land owners apply and refunds be issued for any contaminated soil fees that have been paid to date.

They also want Disposal Rates to be waived for the municipality and its contractors.

WBRC will also look to repeal a noise bylaw that was brought into effect last year to help aide in clean up and recovery.

The Noise Bylaw allowed for Wildfire Recovery Noise at any time of the day.

In response to the wildfire – it effectively allowed demolition or noise related to Municipal construction projects over a 24-hour period.

With much of the demolition, clean up and debris removal now complete – the Recovery Task Force feels there’s no longer any need for the amendment.

In addition, Planning and Development and the Recovery Task Force will show council a video on construction site safety.

The Recovery Task Force will also outline a presentation on activities updating the Wildfire Recovery Campaign Plan.

The meeting takes place Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at Jubilee Plaza.

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