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New Provincial Challenge Trying To Get Albertans More Active

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
New Provincial Challenge Trying To Get Albertans More Active

“We’re facing a physical activity crisis not only in the province but across the nation.”

That’s according to Rajeanne Bianca with Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network. She says less than five per cent of kids and 15 per cent of adults are meeting the actual guidelines for a healthy active life.

“If you dive in that a little further, we see that a third of all Albertans are actually sedentary for more than 10 hours a day,” said Bianca. “We know this has quite a significant impact on the health of our province.

To help get more Albertans excited about being active, PCN is issuing a new online challenge. By signing up on their website you can join the event which records your activity over a six-week period.

“You can enter your steps or you also have an option to enter in activities you might do, for instance, if you go swimming for 30 minutes there is a way to enter that,” added Bianca.

The first thing Bianca tells people to expect when they sign in is a zombie character on the main screen. The more you keep track of your activity, the more your zombie starts to get a little healthier.

Each week the challenge will feature one specific component to a healthy lifestyle. For example, the first week will show how an active life can help with mental health.

The challenge runs from April 24 – June 4.

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