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Tuesdays Netflix Binge: Marvel’s Iron Fist

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Marvel’s Iron Fist is about a man named Danny Rand who after almost dying in a plane crash spent 15 years learning martial arts in another dimension. When he comes back to New York as a full grown man and tries to take over his parents company no one believes that he is who he says he is.

If this guy walked up to you and said "Hey I'm your boss now" would you believe him?

If this guy walked up to you and said “Hey I’m your boss now” would you believe him?

Danny Rand is incredibly skilled at martial arts and because of this is granted the powers of The Iron Fist. His ability is to use all of his chi in one powerful punch. His sacred duty is to fight a secret organization of Ninjas called “The Hand” who have a secret goal in New York. You may remember The Hand from Marvel’s ¬†Dare Devil as well where they have a significant¬†part to play.
All around Iron Fist isn’t the best Marvel show on Netflix. At parts, it seems like they don’t know where they want to go and it feels somewhat disjointed but all around it’s still enjoyable to watch.

I rate it 6/10 on the Tyler Scale. It’s slow paced but if you’ve also watched Jessica Jones, Dare Devil, and Luke Cage this show becomes a must watch to keep up with the Marvel Netflix plotline.

Here’s the trailer.

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