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Wildrose and PC to Discuss Unity

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Wildrose and PC to Discuss Unity

The Wildrose and PC parties are one step closer to unifying.

On Friday – Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and PC Party Leader Jason Kenney announced the composition of the unity discussion group.

The group now has a four-to-six-week timeline to report back to the memberships of both parties.

The Wildrose discussion group will consist of James Cole, Arthur Hamilton, Jason Nixon, Pat Stier and M. Brandon Swertz.

“I am confident that our discussion team will carry out the will of our members and engage in respectful dialogue with the selected members for the PC Alberta discussion group.” Jean said.

Jean adds that he is thrilled with the candidates selected and knows they’re committed to working towards an agreement that can receive support from grassroots members of both parties.

“We are committed to ensuring the members will have the final say and will remain in the driver’s seat. In the meantime, our consultations with members, supporters and Albertans on creating a single and united conservative party will not stop.”

PC Alberta will also have five members in the discussion group.

Zoe Addington, Bridget Hennigar, Ric McIver, Devinder Purewal and Tyler Shandro were selected as Kenney’s group members.

“I am delighted that these accomplished Albertans from diverse backgrounds have agreed to represent the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta in the forthcoming unity discussions,” Kenney said.

Kenny was looking for a team with a unique combination of skills and backgrounds in terms of legal, policy, financial, and political fields.

“I believe they represent the broad mainstream tradition of Alberta Progressive Conservatives, and I know they are committed to the goal of re-uniting free-enterprise Albertans into one big, diverse coalition that can defeat the NDP and get our province back on track.”

The group has been tasked by party leaders to develop a single unity framework that seeks to respect the principles and views of grassroots members from both parties.

Any unity framework agreement that results from the discussion group would need to be ratified and approved by the membership of both parties.

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