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Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday – Baywatch, Transformers: TLK, Atomic Blonde

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Trailer-Watchin' Wednesday - Baywatch, Transformers: TLK, Atomic Blonde

Let’s dive right into the waves of new movie trailers for the week. But don’t get a cramp. We’re kicking things off this week with a closer look at the Baywatch reboot.


Up next, another head scratcher of a trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight. Wasn’t Optimus supposed to be out in space for like 3 movies? And isn’t he supposed to be the goodest of the good guys? I guess all will be revealed..


And this last trailer gives us a gritty look at what’s being called John Wick with Charlize Theron instead. I think it will be an entirely different, though ultra-violent, animal. This is the REDBAND trailer, so not for the kids. Here’s Atomic Blonde.


So what’s it going to be? Which movie tops the ‘can’t wait’ list?


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