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Show Your Gratitude Attitude For Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Show Your Gratitude Attitude For Fort McMurray

Many individuals put others before themselves in the face of the 2016 Wildfire.

The wildfire devastated the community and led to the largest evacuation in the province’s history.

The Gratitude Attitude Campaign is giving residents an opportunity to express how grateful they are for those who lent a hand.

Valerie O’Leary is the campaign lead and she tells Mix News how Gratitude Attitude came to be.

“We are here and we are strong and thank you because if it weren’t for those people or those companies, in the middle of the night – donating money or what have you, we wouldn’t be here – we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

With the anniversary over a month away – the campaign wants to thank those who supported the community in difficult times.

Interested participants can show their support by posting a 10-second thank you videos on the Gratitude Attitude Campaign Facebook Page.

O’Leary shared her personal story with Mix about her own unsung heroes.

“This couple at about 12, 12:30 at night pulled up behind me and they said: ‘Mam, do you need gas?’ – and that was just amazing that you had this young couple going around in the middle of the night making sure everybody had gas in their vehicles.”

Though O’Leary didn’t know the strangers who helped her that night – she stresses the importance of showing gratitude.

In addition to the video posts, booths will also be set up at local events with signs for people to write a personalized message thanking those who helped them through the struggle.

The signs will be used as a backdrop for a runway during the Campaign’s final show of support set for April 23rd at Syne Point Park.

Whether it was an individual, family or a company – the Gratitude Attitude Campaign wants to give residents a chance to give thanks to those who acted selfless in the face of adversity.

Written by: Brandon Piper

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