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Father Mercredi Gets Visit from Rick Mercer

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Father Mercredi Gets Visit from Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer talking to students at Father Merc // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

Rick Mercer was at Father Mercredi meeting one of the schools that donated money to his charity.

The 10th annual Spread the Net Challenge, who Mercer is the co-founder, raised over $150,000 with students at the secondary school raising $10,168.

Father Merc raised the most by a high-school across Canada.

“That speaks volumes about the generosity of students in this Country,” said Mercer.

All the proceeds will go towards malaria-preventing bed nets in Africa.

According to Mercer, over $1.6 million has been raised since the charity started a decade ago.

He also took an opportunity to talk about the disease and the need for the nets.

“It is one of the most deadly diseases known to mankind and it is the most deadly disease for children. When malaria strikes a community and the children get sick and die, that destroys the heart and soul of the community.”

He added the disease has been on the decline for years, down by 58 per cent since 2000.

“By the time your kids are in high school, they’ll hear about malaria just like you’re hearing about it except they’re going to read about it in a history book.”


Mercer also shot part of an episode of his show, the Rick Mercer Report, with the students, getting them to cheer, sing and dance.

Each of the four winning schools will be featured on the March 28th season finale of RMR to celebrate their fundraising efforts.

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