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King Street Overpass Renamed To Recognize First Responders Efforts During Wildfire

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

The King Street overpass officially has a new name.

During a ceremony on Friday, Transportation Minister Brian Mason, along with Mayor Blake, Fire Chief Jody Butz and other first responders, unveiled a new sign renaming the bridge to “Responders Way”.

Responders Way is where first responders welcomed home residents when the staged re-entry began on June 1st.

Fire Chief Jody Butz says the fire department was searching for a way to reach out to citizens and let them know that it’s safe to come back. So they parked two fire trucks on the bridge with ladders in the air holding up three flags.

Butz notes they were a bit hesitant to do this at first.

“The reception was incredible. I can speak for myself, I spent some time up there waving our residents back and it was very therapeutic.”

Butz adds the first responders in our region are some of the strongest in the country.

“Responders Way will remind us of the determination and sense of duty that all of our first responders who held that line against the wildfire and helped this community rise from the ashes and rebuild stronger than ever.”

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